Suck, I get so tired :(

It was not long ago I was at home for a whole week because of fever and flu, and now the time seems right again. I would have every down to Gothenburg yesterday along with two of my colleagues, but I had to cancel because I went on a fever and chills late Thursday. I woke up repeatedly during the night of Friday, and when the clock was five-dried, I totally did not go up, I made an attempt but had to put me away again because I still had chills and everything was spinning. When the clock was ten minutes past six, I called up my colleague and greeted that I could not keep up and then slept until eleven o'clock. I called my boss and explained the situation while I explained that I slept away the morning and not been able to call earlier. Last night I slept really badly and fell asleep enough not to properly until the time was almost four, so I got about three hours of sleep before I was woken by Jonathan and Priscilla. I went up, rested Cilla, and half past seven Tina came home from work. Right now it feels like alvedon and cough medicine is routine and I'm starting sincerely tired of constantly getting sick. Now I'm cold ground, spent probably ten minutes spent coughing clean the airways and throat hurts.

Well, even if one can not be happy all the time and right now it feels everything going against me so you simply see it is up and hope it gets better. It has worked much better at work and constantly get sick in this way is certainly not what I need now that I'm working on to build trust and show that I can contribute. It is true that I can not help but go on influenza and similar. I guess it can hang with all that has happened the last few months and that I under the circumstances immunocompromised, psyche and physics are interrelated so it is not impossible that I simply more susceptible. One positive thing is that the wound I had on hand back for over three months now healed and gradually disappearing day by day.

Now I will concentrate on getting well and will nibble alvedon and wash it down with cough syrup, mmm mumsigt 😉

Casual and full speed

Sunday evening and I'm sitting down and writing a a few quick lines before I'll head out with Jonathan. Me and Jonathan will walk to Uddevalla Hospital, where we'll meet my mother. She's bringing a bag of peasant animals for the farm Jonathan got for present from grandma, grandfather, Pernilla, Petra and Camilla yesterday.

This is the third and penultimate day of the Easter weekend and it's been full speed for the past few days.

Last Thursday evening, we sold our Saab Aero. Tina took care off putting this on Facebook and three hours after the ad was out, the car was sold. No we didn't get rich on the deal, car deals is a loss no matter how you count, at least for another who buy to use them.

The following day, me and Tina went out to Torp together with Marie and Sören. We bought a scooter and helmet for birthday present to Jonathan who was eight now on Tuesday.

On Saturday we took a stroll along the boardwalk. It was me, Tina, Jonathan, Johanna and Lukas (one off our grandchildren) that Johanna was babysitting for her older sister. Of course we took Cilla along as well. It's good training for Cilla to get out on these walks since she gets exposed to other people and dogs, the more she gets exposed, the more she'll get used to it. Just before we started the walk Robert called and announced that he planned to visit us together with Pernilla and Fredrik. Robert called again when as we reached the boardwalk and he met up with us there. Pernilla joined us on the way home, Robert and Frederik drove back into town and I met them at Trädgårdsgatan. We went inside and Jonathan got the gift. It was a farmhouse in wood that grandfather bought at Olles leksaker. Jonathan was thrilled. Robert, Pernilla and Frederik brought two small cakes so we had a mini party. After they returned home, I started to cook Thai stew with chicken.

Yesterday's walk must have given a taste for we set out today too. Today we went a little further. After the walk I warmed up what was left after yesterday and boiled rice and noodles. I think I let the noodles cook a little too long as they stick together, oh well it was the first time so hopefully I manage better next time.

Map with yesterday's walk-route:

Total distance: 5848 m
Total Time: 02:17:18

Map of today's walk-route:

Total distance: 7900 m
Total Time: 02:18:08

Sometimes everything seems to happen at once

Sunday night and the clock is ten fifty-five. I have gone to bed and got inspiration to blog. Okay, it does not happen very often nowadays, honestly, I haven't felt like doing so. It has happened a few things lately and it could be interesting getting it written down, or rather, it might feel nice to express ones thoughts.

I am often asked if I like to live in town and the answer to this is “yes”. Yes, I like to live in the apartment and to avoid the troubles of commuting. But it's hard feeling good about it since the house aren't sold and until that is fully solved I will not be happy.

The week before the past week, I was home all week with fever chills, flu and cold. The night of Friday, I lay awake with constant dull pain in the left side of the stomach for seven hours. When the clock was five in the morning, I called a doctor and got a time at the emergency room here in Uddevalla. I took a taxi there and once there, I received a syringe with diclofenac for the pain. After thirty minutes, the pain had only marginally changed whereupon the doctor referred me on to "Näl" hospital. I went with taxi to "Näl", luxurious wont you say ;)? At "Näl" they took blood tests, urine test, glucose, blood pressure etc.. After this I got a new syringe and fell asleep between turns, was tired because I have not been able to sleep all night. It was about half past ten when I met the doctor for the last time and was sent home. I was pain free but sore and tired. Took the bus home twentyfive minutes past eleven and was home just after twelve. Already on Monday, I received a letter with a time for X-ray yesterday Saturday 14:30. I thought this was on "Näl" hospital, for some reason I never took the time to read the invitation properly with the result that I was standing at Näl hospital yesterday at twelve when I really should have been at Uddevalla Hospital. Little inglorious but Sören came and picked me up with short notice, for which I was very grateful. Once at the x-ray I laid down on a motorized gurney and the examination was done in ten minutes. I did not get any result right away, guess I will get those later when the surgeon who ordered the examination have had a look on it. It was kidney stone and I have had this once before back in, 2009.

Last Friday, I went to Bullaren together with my sister Petra. Christoffer and Fredrik came along as well. We went up to say goodbye to Grandma Signe who passed away 21 March. It was a nice memorial and the sun shining bright even though it was cold when the coffin was lowered down. After the memorial we went to "Bullarens hembygdsgård".

Now I have a new week ahead of me and I hope this will be uneventful so can have time to relax.

Have a great day until next time.

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I'm back on the blog

I have not blogged in four and a half months and the reason for this is that I simply havn't had the energy and desire of this. Moving from house took so much more from me than I thought it would do and the last few months have been very tough. Now though it feels like it's turning for the better. I can't write about everything here on the blog, some things just are too private and sensitive to be put up on display.

I continued to take my daily walks at least to and from work but not in the same extent as earlier. I have put time and energy on other things, but now that spring is arriving I can feel a part of the strength returning so now it's time to try again.

It is now two o'clock at night so I say farewell and will return soon again with new posts.

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Sometimes you lose motivation

As most of you may have noted I haven't been blogging since early october. I have had a lot concerning the move to the city and troubles with Cilla. It have also been more at work, but in a positive way. It drains a lot of my mental energy and when I get around to blog I usually lost the insperation. I'm not a quitter but sometimes you need distance even from yourself. There is days when there's energy left but it's drained by helping the closest and I have to start over.

I'm old enough to know there's no shortcuts, but I often wish it could be a little bit easier. It works well living at a new place and the walks to and from the work is going well, have lost some motivation for the late evening walks but that probably change in time.

Jag återkommer snart igen 🙂

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Sometimes it's actually easier than you might expect :)

Och då tänker jag då sannerligen inte på livet för det är de flesta gånger tvärs om 😉

No, what I had in mind is the fact that I struggled all day trying to get half the height of the header on the blog. I think it feels to much with an oversized image in the header, and the solution was far easier than I had expected. A good rule of thumb is when it comes to computers and technology is that if you ask yourself if it is possible is actually to try it, because if you think about it, you can almost bet that others have thought of it before, and many times the feature you are looking for is already in place. Most of the times you are just afraid of testing. Okej för att inte bli för långrandig så var lösningen att helt enkelt ladda upp en bild med halva höjden 😉

I am not happy with the blog just yet, I will probably never be and that in itself is an asset rather than load. If you are not satisfied, you'll find better solutions, och det är det som kallas för förbättring och utveckling 😉

Now it's late so I will go to bed, there's always a new day tomorrow.